Easter Bunny Blog Hop Giveaway!

Its that time of year again-time to visit our super talented design team member’s blogs, and try to earn a fun “vintagey” prize!


Visit each DT members’ blog. Enjoy all of the creative inspiration, and while you’re there, look for their favorite type of Easter candy. You will find it in this image:

Our design team will be posting their favorite candy sometime this week. Once you have everyone’s favorites, come back to this page and leave a comment like this:

Design Team Member’s Name/Candy flavor, Design Team Member’s Name/Candy flavor, etc.

You will then be entered into the Giveaway drawing! One winner will be selected randomly and announced on April 8th!

Here’s the list of our super talented designers and their blogs:

Amy Duff-http://papertrailsleaver.blogspot.com/

Connie Mercer- http://www.craftygoodies.com

Heidi Blankenship- Embellished Dreams

Julie Campbell-http://avintagechic.blogspot.com

Sheila Rumney-http://blessedanddistressed.blogspot.com/

Victoria Warren-Mears-http://vmellifluousmusings.blogspot.com


Have fun and good luck!!!




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20 Responses to Easter Bunny Blog Hop Giveaway!

  1. Unfortunately, there must be a huge time difference, as it’s 3:00 on Friday here in Nebraska, and Cherry has not yet posted her favorite candy. But here are the other ladies’ choices …

    Happy Easter to everyone!

  2. Sharon Gullikson says:

    Correct answers!

  3. Natasha Poteraj says:

    correct answers!

  4. Denise Bryant says:

    That was fun!

    You’re entered!!

  5. Becky Green says:

    You’re entered! Hipitty-HoOoOopping along!!!!!

  6. Becky Green says:

    I’ve “HOoOopped” back!!!!!!!! :)
    ALL YUMMY !!!!!!!! :) “HAPPY EASTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!” :)

    You’re entered!

  7. thank you for the chance to win! Happy Easter to everyone! :)

  8. Nancy D says:

    You’re entered!

  9. Fun blog hop!!

    I need to go get some candy now!!! :)

  10. LinhC says:

    You’re entered!

  11. valerie mcnutt says:

    You’re entered!

  12. Pak I. says:

    You’re entered!

  13. Smokie says:

    You’re entered!

  14. Miriam Prantner says:

    How fun! I have to side with Heidi on this one though!
    You’re entered!

  15. Kara says:

    Why am I craving chocolate now? :)
    You’re entered!

  16. Kathy Bruner says:

    You’re entered!

  17. My entry doesn’t say “you’re entered”. ???

    Yep-you’re entered!

  18. rush says:

    i swear they weren’t there before! lol

    You’re entered!

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