Twirly Twine Winner!!!!

We have a winner!

Thank you to everyone who participated and for sharing your favorite Twirly Twine techniques-you all are so creative!!! :)

Congratulations go to:

Ashley Brillhart says:

I use twine to hang fun banners at my company & family special events!

Ashley, please contact us at to claim your prize!

I love how Twirly Twine is functional and decorative. That is a true Craft Pantry Staple!

Thank you again for playing (and for sharing our contest on Facebook). We will have another giveaway next month, so check back!




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2 Responses to Twirly Twine Winner!!!!

  1. Teresa Godines #6857 says:


  2. karen says:

    Love all the vintage pieces you have to play with. BINGO is a fond memory from childhood.

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