Christmas Giveaway!!!

Do you remember that super special, favorite present that Santa brought you? I remember getting the BIG Sears toy catalog, cutting out all of the pictures of the things I wanted, and gluing those pics to my Santa list. I think I even referenced item numbers, and made additional notes. Santa’s gotta love organized kids! My brother hated it though, since I always seemed to get that catalog first, and he’d be left picking through shredded pages…

Leave a comment, sharing with us your favorite Christmas present from childhood, and if your name is drawn, you will win an assortment of vintage Christmas goodies. How fun is that?

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Hmmm…I think mine was my Baby Tender Love. I would take that doll EVERYWHERE! Still have her too! Can’t wait to hear yours!!!

Winner will be announced January 1, 2011!

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103 Responses to Christmas Giveaway!!!

  1. My favorite Christmas present would be this large black stuffed dog. My aunt gave me the dog when I was 5. It came as a set with a small matching dog. She kept the small one. I slept with that large stuffed dog until the day I married my first husband!! Now that is one very favorite Christmas gift!!

  2. Lindy says:

    My favorite Christmas present would be my Cabbage Patch Doll. To this day I still have it and will eventually be handed down to my daughter. I must have this doll for 25 years or so. Loved it. Thanks for the wonderful chance. Happy Holidays!

  3. bevie pearl says:

    My favorite Christmas present was a table and chair set. I had many tea parties, colored and drew many things while sitting at that table. It was passed around to family members to use for their kids and is now back home because my son used it when he was little. At the time it was a replica of the table and chairs that my mom had in her kitchen.
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!! Bev

  4. My favorite childhood Christmas present was an Easy Bake Oven. My love of cooking started then and hasn’t stopped!

  5. Claudia O'Neill says:

    My favorite gift was a Chatty Cathy doll. Unfortunately on Christmas day, I pulled her string to make her talk and the loop broke off and the string went deep inside of her. My father actually cut the doll open to get at the mechanism that made her talk and try to retrieve the string. He was unsuccessful and sewed her back up. The next day he came home with a brand new doll. I never took to her. I loved the original doll that my father so lovingly tried to repair. She became my favorite doll.

  6. Stayce DeWid says:

    I asked for a Cherry red beach cruiser…got a sewing machine. Was very disappointed at the time. I ended up LOVING my sewing machine and using it well into my adult life :)

  7. Lydia W. says:

    My favorite Christmas gift was a doll I called Julie. I don’t remember the first time Julie was given to me but I had just about loved the life out of Julie. She was missing hair, eye lashes, and much of her stuffing. About a month before Christmas, she disappeared. Little did I know that my Mom had taken her to get fixed. Christmas morning Julie was wrapped up with all new parts and new clothes my mom had sewn for her.

  8. Kathy Wittlock says:

    My favorite was the easy bake oven 1966– my brother and I baked cakes all nite!
    I sure wished I had time to bake these days! I love the goodies that I bought last month! Can’t wait to Valentines!

  9. Sue Clarke says:

    My favorite gift was a doll named Veronica (of maybe Valerie) with hair that could be pulled out and made long or put back in with a press of a button and made short. Loved that doll and gave her a haircut and she was never the same to me again. I played with her for quite a while though. I remember that she used to give my Barbies fashion advice (since she was taller).

  10. my favorite all time christmas gift- which I already got on December 6th which is St. Nicolas day in Germany (St. Nicolas looks a bit like Santa and comes to your home or your kindergarden)- was my very first dog Kati. I was in Kindergarden and St. Nicolas was there reading out of the book who was naughty or nice…I was?…I won’t tell …LOL – and then my Mom was there too and she opened a basket she had with her and said “pppsssst ….don’T say anything…but Christkind (we have in our area in Germany the Christkind bringing the gifts on christmas Eve not Santa) was here and brought this for you” – and in the basket was the cutest tiny little puppy baby – black with brown paws and cute fluffy years doozing. It was my best friend for many many years – so this was my very very best christmas gift :)

  11. Peg Hewitt says:

    A copy of ‘Harriet the Spy’ it became my favourite book!

  12. Debbie Painter says:

    My favorite Christmas present had to be my Chatty Cathy! She was almost as tall as I was, lol!!!
    I had wanted her for the longest time, & was overjoyed to find it under the tree, waiting for me at my Grandparent’s house!!!

  13. Lois says:

    My favorite toy when I was probably about 5 (1957) was a Patty Play Pal – I believe she was the first 3 ft. tall doll. I remember being able to get into the box she came in and hide from my little brother. My mom would buy little girls’ clothes for me to dress my doll. I still have my Patty Play Pal.

  14. Ok, I didn’t see a friend rfequest thingy on FB but I DID like you over there….hope that is what ya meant :) My fave gift from childhood was Marvel The wonder horse….how I loved that thing!!!!

  15. Joyce says:

    My best Christmas gift ever was a doll that you could feed and diaper. I remember wanting that doll so bad. I was over joyed when I opened the big box. Then on February 7th just after Christms we had a house fire. I remember when we were aloud to go back to salvage anything we could she was melted in the cradle right next to my bed. I remember crying. But then that same afternoon a lady from our church showed up with another doll. I think I cried again, and still could just thinking about it.
    Merry Christmas!

  16. Char-D says:

    My favorite was Chatty Cathy. Now that is showing my age isn’t it. lol

  17. I loved Barbies.. I recieved a Dorthy Hamel Barbie Doll & Shawn Cassidy Barbie..
    I didn’t have a barbie doll house but I had the best barbies. lol I still wish I had them now.

  18. My favorite childhood gift is one I still have & love dearly…a stuffed monkey named Mr. Chimps! He is in all my childhood pics, went to college with me & now sits next to mine & my husband’s bed. I love that monkey! :) Happy holidays!

  19. Keely Yowler says:

    OOHHH! Mine was Baby Alice…you know, the doll that could eat and drink, then pee and poo. My mom hated that doll (I think she started to smell :) but I loved her so!

  20. laura j says:

    cabbage patch doll with a face that only a mother could love!!! lol

  21. ellen s says:

    it has to be my huffy bike. i remember screaming with delight when i saw it on the back porch. it felt like spring was so far away and i would just sit on it inside waiting to ride it.

  22. Theresa Merkling says:

    I was the oldest of 4 girls (and 2 brothers). I remember many pink Barbie Christmases, but the year we got the 3 story house and camper still stands out in my memory. Not even sure who got what part, just that we all played together and it was great.

    BTW, I have “Like” you on my facebook now so I can keep up on what you guys are doing here. Currently going through a vintage, shabby chic period and am off to explore your site.

  23. Tina Mayo says:

    mine was my 10 speed..and it had snowed that Christmas and I almost froze to death trying to ride it.

  24. My favorite christmas present as a kid was my Barbie furniture (fridge, couch, table, even plants) and my red Barbie Ferrarri! I was in heaven the year I got all those things. The fridge even had little itty bitty soda cans and fruit- so awesome! I might even have to go dig it out and look at it!

  25. Debbie Peysen says:

    My favorite Christmas present was paper dolls. I just loved them I still do. I just love cutting them, and dressing them.

    Thanks for the giveway. Good luck to all.

  26. I have 2 favorites. A set of drums when I was 10 or so.. I think my parents regretted that one with all the noise, lol. And a moped when I was 14. :)

  27. Jamie Amo says:

    My fav. Christmas was a huge radio!!! I know wierd. But I was soooo happy to be able to play whatever music I wanted in my own room!!!

  28. Dale T says:

    I got a doll’s house when I was 7. I was so thrilled to bits. I loved to move the furniture and dolls around to redecorate it.

  29. Sherri C. says:

    My favorite childhood gift was a rock tumbler – I was always into some kind of craft! Thanks for the chance to “win” and LOVE your “stuff!” ~ Sherri

  30. My favorite was my pink dolly with a string. I have no idea what it’s real name was. That is what my twin sister and I called them!
    Thanks so much for a chance at a giveaway!

  31. Narda Iverson says:

    My favorite childhood Christmas gift was a doll with a beauty salon chair. I have photos of it and remember playing with her for hours putting the pink curlers in her hair and putting the full head dryer over her. Glad I found your site.

  32. Lori Scott says:

    My favorite was my “Baby Pat a Burp” you patted her back repeatedly and then she burped really loudly! She still works to this day! Mom kept her in a trunk and I was going through my old things and found her. My second favorite was my ventriloquist doll I named Ricky that came with a vinyl LP and instruction book on how to become a ventriloquist!! I must have spent hours in front of the mirror with Ricky.

  33. Bec Miller says:

    My favourite toy was the Baby Alive. It would wet it’s nappy after you fed it and it’s jaw would move when you fed it.
    Loooooooved it!!

  34. stephanie shreeve says:

    My favorite toy was baby alive. I bought food and diapers for that doll. lol

  35. conniemelancon says:

    My favorite was my red record player. The top closed and I could carry it every where I went.

  36. ooh, how fun. mine was my easy bake oven which mother would get VERY mad at me when i used dirt to make MUD cakes instead of real cakes. HA. duh, i’m a tom boy after all.

  37. Kristin says:

    I loved the year I got my first little stereo and some albums to go with it. Yes Albums, no CD’s, fun times !

  38. Diane S. says:

    I friended you on FB-just found you!! Yippee! My favorite childhood christmas present was amy Barbie doll.I only ever had one and she was so special to me-and my mom made clothes for her too!

  39. Kristen Cohen says:

    First of all…LOVE LOVE LOVE your stuff!! My favorite present from santa was a Barbie camper. it was like 3 feet long and it was my favorite!!!! Happy Holidays to everyone at VSM!!!

  40. Denise Kronenberger says:

    My most memorable Christmas was receiving a Mrs. Beasley doll, i just loved her. I would love to find another one some day. It was borrowed for a play at a high school and I never got her back.

    I am a follower on Facebook

  41. My most memorable present when I was a kid was a brand new saddle for more horse. I know it’s not a Barbie or a baby doll. But it was the most exciting thing a little cowgirl could get :)

  42. our books of choice were the Sears and JC Penney ! We’d do cardboard houses with all our wish list stuff in it! But, my favorite gift of all time was when I was maybe 4 YO-a talking Baby Drowsy doll…I even have a reproduction one from 1984 keeping me company here in my scrapbook room :)

  43. Pam C. says:

    So, I don’t recall a fav gift, as much as a memory! EVERY year my Grandma would hang 13 of those great “Retro Christmas Stockings” you have for sale, from the arch between the dining and living room. One for each grandchild. Oh we LOVED those, filled to the top with peppermints and Brach’s candies!

  44. My best Christmas memory was when in the 4th grade I wanted a 3 speed “English racer” bike. I wished (and probably begged) so much for it and was surprised Christmas morning to have actually received it. It was the latest and greatest of kids cool stuff at that time. I was so blessed.
    Now to go find your FB page.

  45. my fave christmas gift as a child was marvel the wonder horse… I was about 3 and this horse was teh type you bounce on and he would move across the room…almost like a real horse…..I even had a little cowgirl outfit and hat and boots to go with it….lol

  46. Mary L Brown says:

    My most memorable Christmas Gift was the year I got “Baby Alive”. She really chewed. I was excited this year to see the remake of that precious doll!!

  47. Louise Dubord says:

    Barbies and a lot of clothes homemade by my Mom. She wanted me to have a lot of clothes and she made them at night when I was asleep, out of old dresses of hers.

  48. I received a doll house one year, and I remember my daddy teasing me that it was for his new bird dog puppy to live in. (I also remember going through the Sears&Roebuck Christmas edition catalog. I was always amazed by all the candy in it.)

  49. My favorite toy and the only one I really remember was a baby doll. I still have her and a photo taken of me with her when I was about 3.

  50. Brandi says:

    my favorite was a Lemon Twist…lots of people doen’t remember them but I loved it forever!!!

    • vintagestreetmarket says:

      Hi Brandi,
      Is that the toy that you strap around your ankle with the lemon attached at the end? And, then you try to spin the lemon and jump over it? If that’s the name, I totally remember it! It was one of my favorites!


  51. Christine Abrams says:

    I had two favorite presents from childhood. One was a Chrissy doll with expandable hair, and the other was a Barbie Camper, which I had to wait for until after Christmas! “Santa” left me a note on my Christmas tree saying he had so many requests for it the elves couldn’t keep up with the demand. It remarkably looked like my Dad’s handwriting though.

    I am a fan on Facebook!

  52. LisaAnn says:

    Favorite gift is this laptop LOL, I have had soooooooo much use out of it! Didn’t even think I wanted one but guess dh knew better ;) I would love to win the train! My little sisters had that same one when we where young :)

    • vintagestreetmarket says:

      Hi LisaAnn,
      Ha-I think I’m addicted to my laptop too! I just wanted to clarify, that the prize is actually a package of vintage Christmas goodies. The train is just a memory “prompter.” Thanks for leaving the comment!


  53. Jayne Yenko says:

    My favorite Christmas gift(s) from childhood would have be my collection of Little Women dolls. They were expensive and my grandparents and my aunts all went together to buy them, so I only got one each year for 4 years, and my grandmother made an extra outfit for each one. I took very good care of those dolls and still keep them in their original boxes. They represent the love my family had for me, and the story itself has a lot of meaning for me as well.

  54. Sabrina Mix says:

    Mine was a yellow bear called Catita. I was 8 years old, but still believed in the magic of Christmas.


  55. Allison says:

    My favorite Christmas gift was my Crissy doll! Anyone remember her? You pushed a button to make her long, beautiful red hair “grow”!

  56. Kimberlee says:

    The My Little Pony Dream castle (the one from the 80s).

    It was so fancy!!!

    I’m off to friend you.

  57. jennybean says:

    I think my favorite christmas present was a cabbage patch doll when I was 5!

  58. Lottie says:

    I got an easy-bake oven one year and thought I was BIG! Love the memories…

  59. Line says:

    Do not count me in, as I do not use Facebook (and will not). Just wanted to let you know that I got the very same Circus Train when I was in Kindergarten, so it made me smile to see this much loved elephant!
    Have a lovely day!

  60. Kristin says:

    My FAVORITE CHristmas gifts were always my Fisher Price Little People. I would use the entryway floor of our house and lay out all of my books (as the Little People’s floor) and make different rooms for their house and play with them all day long. I hated putting them away at the end of the day :( I wish I still had them to this day!

  61. Tracey Stieb says:

    My favorite childhood gift was a huge book of fairy tales. I have since passed this lovely Reader’s Digest treasure on to my own daughters who enjoy reading those stories every bit as much as I did.

  62. Turtle Mom says:

    My favorite childhood Christmas present was Look-Around Velvet. I loved that doll and my mom made her all kinds of cool clothes.

  63. Vanessa B says:

    for me it was the Feed Store Catalog…they sold Breyer Horses and for me, thats always all I wanted for Christmas :-) I just found you thru Craft Gossip and have become a happy fan on Facebook too, Happy Holidays!!!

  64. Amy J says:

    I would have to say that my favorite Christmas present I ever received was a beagle puppy that I named Starr. She lived to a ripe old age of 15 before passing and will always hold a special place in my heart. I have fond memories of playing with her and my other beagle together. In fact I now own a granddaughter of hers that reminds me a lot of Starr. So I seem to have been blessed twice in my life. I liked you on facebook. :-) . Thanks for this great opportunity.

  65. Erica says:

    My favorite toy was Baby Alive. I saw that someone else had that as theirs too!!

  66. Chay R says:

    My favorite Christmas gift was a ride-on horse that bounced up and down. I think I “rode” that horse half-way around the country. I recently got my 3 year old a horse that she can ride on too- I hope she’ll love it like I did mine.

  67. Jenn Lucas says:

    Gosh my favorite would be hard because my mom ALWAYS made Christmas special. I guess I would have to say my roller skates. I was a skater and it was sooooo embarrassing to have rent my skates at the rink, so when Santa brought me my very own skates and carrying case – I was the happiest girl around!

  68. Elizabeth B says:

    My favorite childhood Christmas gift was a Muppet Show Binder. I was so crazy happy to unwrap that sucker! You should see the picture my dad took when I unwrapped it!! I had monstrous googly eyes and this huge open mouthed “in awe” smile. My husband received that photo from my father several years ago and carries it in his wallet.

  69. chrisd says:

    My favorite was thing from the catalog was my “bubble-cut” Barbie. It was my only Barbie and I made her all sorts of clothes. my grandmom gave me felt scraps to create hats for her.

  70. Desire says:

    Mine would be my most unfavourite present – although we did not have much money, my parents always made our Christmas very special – but one year – I was told I was getting a Lassie – needless to say I thought I was getting a lassie dog – imagine my disappointment to get a doll dressed up in Scottish clothing. I know my parents went without to get me this present – but my disappointment was very great – I was not a doll person – but 65 years later, I still have the doll and she is well treasured now.

  71. ga447 says:

    My favorite present when I was young was my stero, I play my records all night long.
    I had three albums I had to listen too before I went to sleep.

  72. Debbie Boswell says:

    I got a little radio/record player from my Aunt one Christmas when we live overseas in Africa. It was only about 5x10inches in size but it was a record player, kinda neat.

  73. Darla P. says:

    I think one of my favorite gifts was my easy bake oven. You know how sometimes Santa forgets to get a gift when you are young or just doesn’t bring that one gift? Mine was an easy bake oven. I had been joking with my mom that I never got that easy bake oven. She went out and got me one. I was in my late twenties at the time. I laughed. I finally got my oven. But honestly, it touched my heart that my mom remembered that and went out and got it. It meant alot to me.

  74. Ricki says:

    My favorite would have been my easy bake oven and my brother got the creepy crawler baker. We had the best time baking cakes and including the creepy crawlers in the finished products. Warped minds I guess! But we had a great time giving everyone our finished products and watching their faces! Great memories.

  75. Kellie Meaux says:

    My all time favorite Christmas present would be my Mrs. Beasley Doll! I never missed an episode of Family Affair. Just loved it. I am 48 years old and I still have my talking Mrs. Beasley. My children tell me she looks like “Chucky” (the scary doll in the movies”, but I love her. That same year I also received my special Madam Alexander doll. My Mom bought each of her four daughters a “keepsake” Madam Alexander doll and we all still have our dolls (oldest child is 60 and I’m the youngest at 48!), we never let our children play with those dolls. Thanks for offering the giveaway. Happy New Year to all.

  76. Paula says:

    It was a doll, my first doll. I called her Baba which was probably one of the few words I knew at that time (I was really little). Unfortunately I don’t have her anymore but she was my favorite toy for a long time.
    Thanks for the chance!
    ap_lemos at yahoo dot com

  77. Jill Hubbard says:

    My all time favorite gift was a Betsey McCall doll. My father threw her out when I was in high school. I was devastated. Searched many antique stores until I found her again. She now stands in a doll case, treasured forever.
    I became a friend on fb, thrilled to have found your site via craft gossip

  78. I had two favorites. My Marx tin 60′s ranch dollhouse (wish I could find a real house jut like it, I would move right in, haha) and my Pat a Burp doll, which I still have. Love your website, just found it from Craft Gossip. I am off to explore, Pam

  79. Kathleen says:

    It would have to be a toss-up between my “Chrissy” doll (you twisted a knob on her back and her red hair could grow really long or short) and the Genie bottle from Radio Shack. You asked it a question, rubbed it and smoke came out of the top. Then you openend a little window and it gave you your answer! Those were the days!

  80. Susan Weido says:

    I never knew you existed and would love to have you as my new facebook friend!! I added you today . I hope I did it right though. Thanks for such awesome ideas.

  81. Paula Wirfel says:

    My favorite Christmas present when I was a little girl was a doll named Suzie Smart. She was dressed in a tartan uniform and beret, and when you pulled her string, she would say “smart” things, such as spelling words and doing math problems. I was probably about 4 years old when I received her from Santa, but she was actually given to me after Christmas. Santa originally brought me a huge doll that could wall if you held her hand, but unfortunately, the doll was bigger than I was and I just couldn’t control her. One night a few days after Christmas, Santa visited our house again and replaced the walking doll with Suzie. A couple of years later, Santa brought the walking doll back again, as well!

  82. Elena says:

    So glad I found you! My fave was a dollhouse my grandfather made for me. My other grandparents gave me little furniture to put inside. It was beautiful!

  83. Victoria says:

    My mom made me a spotted dog, which I aptly named “spotty”. Even though his ears and tail have been sewn on multiple times and he is now more cream and black then white and black, I still have him today, 43 years later.

  84. Anna D. says:

    I remember getting a baby Catty Cathy doll. That was so many years ago. LOL

  85. Marilyn Coombs says:

    My favourite gift was a tall cloth snowman. My brother-in-law gave it to me two years ago. We didn’t know it then but that was his last Christmas, he passed shortly after that.

  86. My brother and I had the Sears Wish book too. We didn’t cut it up but I always helped him write his letter to Santa including catalogue page and item numbers. I remember spotting the Simone fashion doll one year in the catalogue. It was the only this I asked for and I got her!

    Thanks for the chance to win.

  87. Dennis says:

    I would have to say the my best was the electronic Mastermind game. I found one online some time back. I wanted to buy it but it was not for sale. That was the only one I was able to find. Thank you for this giveaway. Happy New Year

  88. Judy says:

    My favorite Christmas present was a 12″ tall bride doll. I wanted it so bad and didn’t think I would get it. My parents hid it really well, but I found it and it took all of the surprise out of it on Christmas morning. I still have that doll after 50 years. Thanks for asking.

  89. Denny Holberton says:

    The best gift I recieved when I was a child was a cardboard doll with paper clothes that I could dress & change her outfits. I spent quite a few hours a week dressing her in all her outfits even making some of my own!!

  90. Alyssa says:

    My favourite Christmas gift was a doll my mom had made (though I was sure it was from santa) that looked like me! It had brown hair and blue eyes and a dress similar to one I had. She was awesome….. now if only I knew where she was these days…

  91. BrendaLea says:

    My favorite gift was the dresser my Mom repurposed into a kitchen play set for me. I had the sink with faucet, dish cupboard and stove. I loved that playset!

  92. Terri says:

    My parents bought me an Atari with pacman when I was 13

  93. Anne A. says:

    My favorite Christmas gift from childhood was a tea set my parents brought back from the United States when I was about 6 yrs old. They’d bring a gift back each time they took a trip to the States. One year it was Light Bright and another year a puzzle of the U.S. The tea set was my favorite as my 2 sisters & I shared it, playing tea time with our dolls.

  94. Oh my goodness. How generous and sweet of you to offer a giveaway. I am in love with VSM and as soon as I saw you had a facebook page I friended! Oh so lovely! Wishing you a very successful and blessed new year!

  95. Piroska says:

    My favourite Christmas present was a Smith-Corona portable typewriter–it was blue, in a blue plastic case. I was 10.
    I like you on FB (Pippi Rose).

  96. Nancy D. says:

    For years I got a new Madame Alexander doll at Christmas I always really looked forward to those…my Mother always took special care wrapping it too.

  97. Ruby Taylor says:

    My favorite Christmas present was a record player. It was small and folded up but would play albums and 45s (with the included adaptor). I got three albums with it. I thought I was “all that”!
    Then daddy started complaining about the hippie music he had bought….I was 12…lol

  98. Duane Aguilar says:

    I always liked the baby dolls that you could feed a bottle to, and they would wet the diaper.

  99. I couldn’t sleep without my spotted kitty- Spotty- I was convinced the wire armature in her legs meant she had bones, and was real. I still have her.

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